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Hearing Services Program

Current and Previous Notices

Contracted service provider notices (CSPNs) current and previously issued can be accessed by emailing

The most up to date information on the program is available on the website, and information contained in the CSPN's may have been superseded.

Number Contracted Service Provider Notice Status
2022/06 Schedule of Service Items and Fees 2022-23 Accessible PDF 
2022/05 Updates to Maintenance ad Consent and Agreement Information Accessible PDF 
2022/04 Response to the current flood emergency Accessible PDF
2022/03 Temporary Change to Service Requirements Accessible PDF
2022/02 Service Requirements for 2022 Accessible PDF
2022/01 Advertising & Marketing  Accessible PDF
2021/08 Reminder for 1 July 2022 Accessible PDF
2021/07 Self Assessment Tool 2021 Accessible PDF
2021/06 Client Relocation Accessible PDF
2021/05 Hearing Services Program Changes Accessible PDF
2021/04 Schedule of Service Items and Fees 2021-22 Accessible PDF
2021/03 Hearing Services Program Review  Draft Report Accessible PDF
2021/02 Tips for Improving Claiming Accessible PDF
2021/01 Further Information about changes to the Hearing Services Program Accessible PDF
2020/18 Button Battery Safety Update Accessible PDF
2020/17 Hearing Services Program Review-Interim advice published Accessible PDF
2020/16 Changes to the Hearing Services Online (HSO) Portal Accessible PDF
2020/15 Hearing Services Program Review-Consultation Paper Accessible PDF
2020/14 Use of Cloud Services for Storage of client records Accessible PDF
2020/13 Government Announcement of Changes to the Hearing Services Program Accessible PDF
2020/12 Conditions for Claiming Update Accessible PDF
2020/11 2020 SAT & Compliance Lessons Learnt Accessible PDF
2020/10 Schedule of Service Items Review & COVID-19 special arrangements Accessible PDF
2020/09 Hearing Services Program Review Accessible PDF
2020/08 Hearing Services Arrangements during COVID-19 Accessible PDF
2020/07 NDIS Transition Arrangements-Updated
Accessible PDF
2020/06 Update of Schedule of Fees 2020-2021 Accessible PDF
2020/05 NDIS Transition Arrangements Accessible PDF
2020/04 Schedule of Service Items Consultation Accessible PDF
2020/03 myGOVID Accessible PDF
2020/02 Provider Transition Readiness Self Assessment Tool Accessible PDF
2020/01 AUSkey myGOVID Access Update
Accessible PDF
2019/18 AUSkey to myGOVID Transition Accessible PDF
2019/17 Program Forms and Templates Accessible PDF
2019/16 Device supply arrangements disclosure Accessible PDF
2019/15 Freeze on the destruction of client records Accessible PDF
2019/14 Hearing Services Online Payment Project Update 6 Accessible PDF
2019/13 Hearing Services Online Payment Project Update 5 Accessible PDF
2019/12 Transition Timeframes Accessible PDF
2019/11 Commencement of Provider Transition Period Accessible PDF
2019/10 New Legislation and Contract Accessible PDF
2019/09 Hearing Services Online Payment Project Update 4 Accessible PDF
2019/08 Hearing Services Online Payment Project Update 3 Accessible PDF
2019/07 Hearing Services Online Payment Project Update 2 Accessible PDF
2019/06 Contract Consultation and Feedback Accessible PDF
2019/05 Service Provider Contract Redevelopment Accessible PDF
2019/04 Updated Schedule of Fees 2019-20 Accessible PDF
2019/03 Hearing Services Online Project (HSOP) Accessible PDF
2019/02 Thematic Review on draft Legislative Instruments Accessible PDF
2019/01 ACCC Marketing & Advertising Accessible PDF
2018/06 2018 Self-Assessment Tool Accessible PDF
2018/05 Further ACCC Action Against Service Providers 
Accessible PDF
2018/04 ACCC Action Against Service Providers  Accessible PDF
2018/03 Linking clients, adding an email and the client information booklet Accessible PDF
2018/02 Updated Schedule of Fees 2018-19 Accessible PDF
2018/01 Thematic Review of Commonwealth Hearing Services Legislation Accessible PDF
2017/11 Use of Cloud and other off-site approaches to the digital storage of client records Accessible PDF
2017/10 2018 Compliance Monitoring Program Accessible PDF
2017/09 Updates to the NDIS Operational Guidelines Archived
2017/08 2017 Self Assessment Tool Archived
2017/07 Updated Compliance Monitoring and Support Framework Released Archived
2017/06 Schedule of Fees 2017-2018 Archived
2017/05 Review of services and technology supply public discussion paper Archived
2017/04 Using the correct Eligibility Criteria for Refitting and the current Request for a new voucher when existing has not yet expired form Archived
2017/03 Audiological Case Management Claiming (Items 610/810) Archived
2017/02 Consumer Checklist for Hearing Services Program clients Archived
2017/01 Review of Supply of Assistive Hearing Technology - Survey Archived
2016/28 Review of supply of Assistive Hearing Technology Accessible
2016/27 Qualified Practitioner updates Archived
2016/26 End of year cut-off date - request for a new voucher when existing has not yet expired Archived
2016/25 Claiming after a transfer/relocation Accessible
2016/24 Hearing Services Online final portal release Archived
2016/23 Program compliance support Archived
2016/22 Services provided to clients prior to voucher issue date Archived
2016/21 Maintaining your Provider, Site and Practitioner Details Archived
2016/20 2016 Self Assessment Tool Archived
2016/19 Review of Service Items and Fees - project update Archived
2016/18 If you need our help Archived
2016/17 Review of Service Items and Fees Archived
2016/16 Complaints Archived
2016/15 Information for a smooth service provider transition to the NDIS Archived
2016/14 Hearing Services Program commences on Norfolk Island Archived
2016/13 Connecting clients to the National Disability Insurance Scheme Archived
2016/12 Portal release and User Guides Archived
2016/11 Claim enquiries Archived
2016/10 Schedule of Fees 2016-2017 Archived
2016/09 Hearing Services Online Phase 3 portal release Archived
2016/08 End of financial year cut-off date for manual claims Archived
2016/07 Hearing Services Online - Portal demonstration and training sessions Archived
2016/06 Invoices for services funded by Medicare or the Department of Veterans' Affairs Archived
2016/05 Removal of requirements to list provisional practitioners Archived
2016/04 Changes to Weekly Manual Claims Remittance Advice Archived
2016/03 Hearing Services Online - Phase 3 Portal Release and User Training Archived
2016/02 Publication of the Hearing Services Program NDIS Transition Plan Archived
2016/01 Common Claiming Errors Archived
2015/28 HSO Portal - Device Module Archived
2015/27 Direct Marketing Campaigns Accessible
2015/26 End of year manual claim payment cut-off dates through the portal Archived
2015/25 2015 Self Assessment Tool Archived
2015/24 Hearing Services Online - Phase 3 Archived
2015/23 NDIS Transition Planning Workshop Adelaide Archived
2015/22 Changes to the Wishes and Needs Tool Archived
2015/21 Dangers for children from button batteries in hearing devices Archived
2015/20 Letter to Hearing Services Program clients on the NDIS Archived
2015/19 Promotional Postcards Archived
2015/18 Client Rights and Responsibilities Poster Archived
2015/17 NDIS Transition Planning Workshop Archived
2015/16 Changes to Manual Claim Processes Archived
2015/15 Hearing Services Online portal release - 'SP Claims' Access Archived
2015/14 Ambient Noise and Calibration of Audiometric Testing Equipment Archived
2015/13 Portal Release 3 August 2015 Archived
2015/12 Electronic Signature Policy Accessible
2015/11 Feedback received on draft new service provider contract Archived
2015/10 Updated Schedule of Fees 2015-16 Archived
2015/09 End of Financial Year cut off dates for Manual Claims Archived
2015/08 Call and Information Centre -Feedback Archived
2015/07 Statutory Declarations Accessible
2015/06 Consultation on revised contract and HROs Archived
2015/05 Portal Release 13 March 2015 Archived
2015/04 Advice regarding the Tropical Cyclones in Northern Australia Archived
2015/03 Refusal of Service Archived
2015/02 Record Keeping Requirements Accessible
2015/01 Promotional Postcards Archived
2014/36 Site closures during the holiday period Archived
2014/35 NDIS interface with the Hearing Services Program Archived
2014/34 Holiday arrangements Archived
2014/33 Monthly Voucher Statistics Archived
2014/32 Portal Access Update and Business Continuity Planning Archived
2014/31 Potential Portal Outage  (external) Software Upgrade 17 Dec Archived
2014/30 Portal release 12 December 2014, including User Guide Updates Archived
2014/29 Hearing Services Online - Engagement and Communications Archived
2014/28 End of year manual claims cut off date Archived
2014/27 Reducing the number of e-Claim rejections Archived
2014/26 2014 Self Assessment Tool Archived
2014/25 Eligible Criteria for Refitting Archived
2014/24 Medical Certificate now available on Medical Practitioner Software Archived
2014/23 Practitioner Qualifications and Membership Archived
2014/22 RSS Feed Archived
2014/21 Review of the Service Provider Contract Archived
2014/20 Voucher Program Statistics Archived
2014/19 Nominations for Service Provider Consultative Group Archived
2014/18 Provider survey on experiences using the website and portal Archived
2014/17 Hearing Aid Banks Archived
2014/16 Updated Privacy Principles Information Archived
2014/15 Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) poster Archived
2014/14 Reminder of the consolidation of 1800 call centre services Archived
2014/13 Use of clinical judgment for referrals Archived
2014/12 New arrangements for 1800 call centre services Archived
2014/11 Updated Schedule of Fees 2014-15 Archived
2014/10 Audit and Compliance Framework Review Archived
2014/09 End of Financial Year claims cut off dates Archived
2014/08 Changes to the Client Transfer Process Archived
2014/06 Manual Claims via Email Archived
2014/05 Voucher-Holders relocating between Contracted Service Providers Archived
2014/04 New Privacy Laws Archived
2014/03 Changes to Forms Archived
2014/01 Response to the current bushfire emergency Archived
2013/36 Program Publications Archived
2013/35 Common Errors in Manual Claims Archived
2013/34 Duty of Care Archived
2013/33 Return Voucher Request Process via phone Archived
2013/32 DVA Clients and top-up devices Archived
2013/31 2012-13 Voucher Program Statistics Archived
2013/30 Response to the current bushfire emergency Archived
2013/29 Draft revised minimum device specifications Archived
2013/28 Reminder to complete SAT Archived
2013/27 Record Keeping Archived
2013/26 Medical Referrals Archived
2013/25 Access to Hearing Services for People with a Disability Archived
2013/24 Upgradeable Technologies Archived
2013/23 Authority to Sign a Claim Form Archived
2013/22 Ambient Noise and Calibration of Audiometric testing equipment Archived
2013/21 Service Provider Survey Archived
2013/20 Client Rights and Responsibilities Poster Archived
2013/19 Calibration of Equipment Archived
2013/18 MHLT Legislation CROS & Bi-CROS Devices Archived
2013/17 National Disability Insurance Scheme Archived
2013/16 Third Client Review Notification Archived
2013/15 Second Client Review Notification Archived
2013/14 Availability during off site audits Archived
2013/13 Medical and Audiological Referrals Archived
2013/12 Update Schedule of Fees 2013-14 Archived
2013/11 Update to Service Items 930/940 Archived
2013/10 National Disability Insurance Scheme Archived
2013/09 New Audit and Compliance Framework Archived
2013/08 Roadshow Registration Reminder Archived
2013/07 Variation to call centre operating hours Archived
2013/06 Stakeholder Engagement Archived
2013/05 Response to the current flood emergency Archived
2013/04 Comments on Rehab Plus discussion paper Archived
2013/03 Hearing Services Review of current Deed of Standing Offer Archived
2013/02 Response to the current bushfire emergency Archived
2013/01 Information Roadshows - Hearing Services.Online (HSO) & Audit and Compliance. Archived
2012/01 Transition arrangement Archived
2012/02 Service Provider Contract and Regulations Consultation Package Archived
2012/03 Client Rights and Responsibilities Poster Archived
2012/04 Transition arrangements for the three year voucher. Archived
2012/05 Processing Times for New and Return Application forms. Archived
2012/06 Consolidation of out posted Staff in the Clinical Support Section. Archived
2012/07 Service Provider Contract 2012-2015, Hearing Services Rules of conduct and other documents Archived
2012/08 New Contract Archived
2012/09 Schedule of Fees 2012-2013 Archived
2012/10 Early closure of the provider and client contact lines Archived
2012/11 Systems Problems Archived
2012/12 Systems Problems resolved Archived
2012/13 Deed of Standing Offer – Extension till 31 December 2013 Archived
2012/14 Medicare Payment System Changes Archived
2012/15 Eligibility Criteria for Refitting Archived
2012/16 Claiming where a fitting was on or before 30 June 2012 and the followup was after 1 July 2012 Archived
2012/17 Background on the Rehab Plus service item Archived
2012/18 Client Rights and Responsibilities Poster Archived
2012/19 New forms for notification of sites and practitioners Archived
2012/20 Changes to Audit and Compliance Framework Archived
2012/21 An update on claiming methods for the Rehab Plus Service Items 680/681 Archived
2012/22 systems problems Archived
2012/23 Systems Problems Resolved Archived
2012/24 What do I need to do to run a Rehab Plus session for clients Archived
2012/25 Required documentation for Rehab Plus sessions Archived
2012/26 Improving Communication Archived
2012/27 Rehab Plus Seeking Your Feedback Archived
2012/28 Compliance Self Assessment Tool Archived
2012/29 Hearing Services Online Archived
2012/30 Diagnostic Audiology Services Under Medicare Archived
2012/31 Compliance Self Assessment Tool Reminder Archived
2012/32 Guidance relating to the Eligibility Criteria for refitting Archived
2012/33 Independent Review of the Regulatory Framework for hearing services Archived
2012/34 Request to Review and Update your Site details Archived
2011/01 Commencement of Ambient Noise Level Certification Archived
2011/02 Continuity of services in current Natural Disaster areas around Australia Archived
2011/03 Ambient noise report compliance Archived
2011/04 Vouchers with Issue dates between 19/01/2011 & 25/01/2011 Archived
2011/05 Potential changes to rules of conduct Archived
2011/06 Vouchers with Issue dates between 19/01/2011 and 25/01/2011 and 09/02/2011 Archived
2011/07 Vouchers with Issue dates between 19/01/2011 and 25/01/2011 and 09/02/2011 and 15/02/2011 resolved Archived
2011/08 Return voucher requests Archived
2011/09 Return voucher requests clarification Archived
2011/10 Updated schedule of fees 2011-2012 Archived
2011/11 Telephone calls Archived
2011/12 Inviting Industry to seminars Archived
2011/13 Comment on Contract Archived
2011/14 MHLT update Archived
2011/15 Complex client notifications Archived
2011/16 Roadshow reminder Archived
2011/17 Sydney & Melbourne venue change Archived
2011/18 New spare aid and remote control forms Archived
2011/19 System problems Archived
2011/20 System problems resolved Archived
2011/21 New Head of Implementation Taskforce Archived
2011/22 Procedures for prescribing “top-up” hearing aids at cost to DVA Clients. Archived
2011/23 Industry consultation resources and changes to implementation of reform. Archived
2011/24 Use of the Commonwealth logo Archived
2011/25 Arrangements for the transition from a 2 year to a 3 yr voucher Archived
2011/26 Changes to the voucher component of the Hearing Services Program Archived
2010/01 Proper use of the provider line Archived
2010/02 Problems with voucher numbers beginning with 166 Archived
2010/03 Update:problems with voucher numbers beginning with 166 Archived
2010/04 Outcome:problems with voucher numbers beginning with 166 Archived
2010/05 Change in Medicare help desk number Archived
2010/06 2010-2011 schedule of fees for service items Archived
2010/07 Relocation of Hearing Services QLD Archived
2010/08 Complaints report Archived
2010/09 Chris Jennings Farewell Archived
2010/10 All State faxes to Hearing Services QLD Archived
2010/11 System problems Archived
2010/12 System problems resolved Archived
2010/13 Notification of a Corporate change Archived
2010/14 Call centre access Archived
2010/15 Refitting guidelines update Archived
2010/16 Contacting former clients Archived
2010/17 Telemarketing and mailing practices Archived
2010/18 Provider line number for providers only Archived
2010/19 Eligibility checking issues Archived
2010/20 Eligibility checking issues resolved Archived
2010/21 Christmas & New Year closures Archived
2010/22 Drop in vouchers being presented Archived
2010/23 Ambient noise level certifications Archived
2010/24 Reminder ambient noise level certifications Archived
2010/25 Revised clinical request forms Archived
2010/26 Update to practitioner forms Archived

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